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[Walmart] SanDisk Ultra 128 GB 80 MB/s microSDXC Memory Card ...$19.98

Aug 28, 2014
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Richmond Hill, ON
misterlamed wrote: So no go for GoPro?
If you intend to record in 1080p and below, it should be fine.
If you want to record 4k, 4k60 and above you should get a fast card.
V ratings are for Video recording. I record 4k video on my phone, so I went v30 with Sandisk Extreme
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Oct 24, 2003
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North York
If these are the newer batch of SanDisk Ultras with "A1" designation on the cards (like the ones that Costco sells), they are surprisingly decent. The benchmark I made on the Costco version was 94 read and 68 write. Pretty sure if you get the A1 version like the photo uploaded in a previous post with the 100MB/s label, you'd get pretty decent speeds.

I wouldn't trust Amazon reviews since a few of them might have been for the notorious fake SD cards.
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Jan 31, 2008
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rvdnsx wrote: Ordered yesterday and received today in the mail. Shipped from Guelph, ON. This is the card I received in case anyone wants to know the exact card they will receive. Class 10 card that claims speeds of up to 100 mb/s
Think I got the same yesterday...

I’ll check later and confirm!
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Mar 8, 2003
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Richmond Hill
Class 10 or A1?
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Dec 26, 2010
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lilpoorpk wrote: Both... class 10
Interesting that the new cards with the same product number are rated higher than the old batch which is on the shelves. Mine shipped from Etobicoke yesterday, so hopefully I also get the same cards...

But the stocktrack software seems to be a bit goofy sometimes. I checked for a pair of shoes that I buy each year (yes, I wear them out that fast) and the software said no stock in any of the 3 stores in Thunder Bay. Went to one of the more distant stores and there was an entire shelf full. Sometimes, you just have to go look. But if it wasn't for me having to look for the cards, I would not be wearing my new shoes, so thanks once again to the OP...
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Feb 29, 2016
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Will it be good for 2.7k recording on Mavic Mini drone?
Nov 24, 2018
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Montreal, Quebec
Its the same SKU, therefore my local walmart PM the online price.

All the spec were the same, ultra 80MB/s.
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Nov 25, 2003
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BassHole wrote: I was looking for a Micro SD Card for my drone which records 4k should I go for this one or its not good for 4K?
Absolutely not.

If you already invested in drone, please look for something marked "U3" or "V30" at the minimum

SanDisk Extreme Pros would be a great option...
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Jul 14, 2019
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Thank you for your reply Mate. It makes sense to go for a good Mem Card. I just saw a youtube review aboutNetac 128gb It performed really really well. 128GB For 25 Bucks, Not bad. Read-write speed almost the same as Samsung EVO
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Jul 14, 2019
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It will depend of the type of Dashcam. Different cams support different capacities of mem cards.