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[Walmart] SUPER HOT - Walmart - Soda stream $29 after coupon YMMV

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Nov 20, 2006
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jackass_ca wrote: At least that is what they say... they showed 10 of the clearance MTB weeks ago, normally $800 on for $200, they "couldn't" find a single one... not a single employee thought it odd that $8000 in merchandise is unaccounted for... same exact store. Of course, they are only showing one of these so maybe they don't have it, but I think the genesis they showed more.

We get ours refilled at our local Sentry Fire/Safety store, $10 for the tank
Spoke to an employee who said that a single person (male) came in and cleaned out everything that was on the shelf at the $39 price.

The one that is there could be an odd demo unit or defective. unless it's tucked/hidden in a spot no one is looking.

There are a few things there that I'd like to grab (one throw blanket that is blue that would match my couch) for $1 - stock showed 9 before I left, when I got back it showed 8 but staff have no idea where on the floor it could be.


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