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Nov 19, 2015
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JackWhyte wrote: Ah, when in doubt pull out the "You're all jealous, jealous I tell you! Waaaaaaah!" card. :facepalm:

I can drive to the US whenever I want, and often do appreciate the US deals, but when RFD gets chock full of them it is highly irritating on a supposedly Canadian site.
Yes. Plain and simple, they are jealous. As soon as it requires some work, time and effort (No family or friends in USA, no mailbox or reshipper) they start whining and crying. They just want to be able to order and have it shipped to Canada. Basically, ever deal they wish could be that easy.
I get a good laugh when most of the U.S. deal haters complain "Unable to get the deal", or complain about posting US deals, but when Amazon.com or Bhphotovideo ships to Canada the crying stops. They have no issues with those U.S. deals.
I guess saving money and getting a great deal is irritating to some.