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ShaTR wrote: I have already been through this with you on the newegg SS sempron + board thread. needless to say, my celeron M 600 ULV system with 2 drives sips power, although i suppose a DNS-321/323 would consume a bit less (ive never clamped one though, but i'm gonna assume around 20 without drives). For the extra buck a year (10 watts) that MINE consumes, the FreeNAS box is well worth it IMO.

And the extra sata ports is a moot point. The DNS-323 only has 2 bays, so comparing it to a 2 sata port board would be the accurate comparison.
well for comparison with your ulv, the thecus n5200 nas runs with a celeron m 600 256 megs of ram and consumes without any drives 36w at idle remember the dns uses roughly 25-27w full boar 2 drives, give or take the type of drives chosen can change that.Blacks would be more etc needles to say embeded cpu + nand is hard to beat on power consumption vs desktop platforms.
However the people posting at silentpc have their eyes on the a760g can hit as low as 22-27w idle, the concern every watt counts! Those posting hits of 22w use a low power intel gigabit nic, lowers power but adds cost


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