Warner Animation rumoured to be making a Funko Pop movie

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Dec 14, 2016
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Warner Animation rumoured to be making a Funko Pop movie

A lot of Funko enthusiasts seem to be hoping this is going to be another Lego Movie. TBH, I'd rather see a movie about the real life shite that goes down when rabid Funko collectors and flippers go off the deep end. That movie already has a tagline that wrote itself: 'Punch ups were just the beginning.'

Slashfilm wrote:The low-tech toy line created to tap into movie nostalgia before going on to become of the most popular blockbuster movie tie-ins is becoming a movie. Warner Bros. has reportedly begun development on a Funko! movie, based on the Funko Pop vinyl figurines and bobbleheads that depict everything from popular superheroes, to directors, to obscure TV procedural characters. So not only will these figurines invade Barnes and Nobles stores across the nation, they’ll begin to invade the movie theaters, too.

SuperBroMovies writer Daniel Richtman reports that Warner Bros. Animation, spurred on by the success of its LEGO Movie franchise, has set its sights on another toy line. According to Richtman, Warner Bros. Animation is currently developing a live action/animated hybrid based on the popular toy and action figure line, Funko! While this all sounds a little dubious, we were able to confirm independently that a Funko! movie is in development at Warner Bros.’ animation wing.
A likely possibility is that instead of getting a Lego Movie, we wind up with another Battleship.
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