Warning: IcelandAir leasing EuroAtlantic planes

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  • Aug 13th, 2019 2:56 pm
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Sep 15, 2003
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Warning: IcelandAir leasing EuroAtlantic planes

Just a warning for anyone planning to fly IcelandAir. They are using EuroAtlantic planes for flights from Toronto to Reykjavik. They are 767-300ER but instead of the usual IcelandAir seating, this planes economy seats are 2-4-2 and there are definitely more rows then normal as well. The seats and legroom are small. The seat padding is thin. Because of the extra people onboard the overhead compartment space is limited.

I got one of these on a red eye out of Toronto to Reykjavik and was not impressed. I got one of IcelandAir's 757s to Stockholm and it felt like I was sitting first class compared to the EuroAtlantic plane.

If you are booking with IcelandAir pay close attention during the seat selection. If the plane is 2-4-2 then it's the EuroAtlantic plane. Their own 767-300s are 2-3-2 seating.
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... lol OP I had the “pleasure” of flying them from Ponta Delgada to Portugal a few months ago. Flew Toronto - Ponta Delgada in SATA’s J (which was like Emirates compared to Euroatlantic). Had a nice chat with the cabin crew seated next to me because one of the jumpseats were broken LOL

Euroatlantic (based out of Portugal) is yet another charter company being utilized to “fill the gap” with the 737max groundings (or when airlines need additional capacity for whatever reason). Their aircraft is among the oldest in the skies (and nothing is wrong with older well maintained aircraft) but those birds are showing their age in the interiors.