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[Watch related] Discussions on Jomashop

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Feb 2, 2015
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[Watch related] Discussions on Jomashop

was looking at some of the high end watches (higher than my Casio anyways) and noticed that Jomashop seems to sell them at a huge discount...have a few questions about them:
  • Do they really sell genuine ones or there could be fake as well?
  • What's the differences between buying from them Vs buying from a AD locally? (Other than the manufacturer won't honor the warranty since you didn't purchase from an AD? But it seems Joma has it's own warranty program anyways?)
  • Understood that if I were to get them to ship to Canada it will get charged GST here, but do they pre-clear for you (i.e., add tax to the price during purchase, which I think shops like Bhphoto does) or would DHL clear for you? I remembered seeing somewhere that DHL charges additional on top of the 13% GST (to ON) and saw some people paying like 200 bucks for a 1000 watch...
  • In general what's the cost for a out of warranty repair for brands like IWC or Zenith? Trying to figure out if the price differentials is sufficient to cover that expense (if it happens in the first few years). And also what's the chance a watch would break down in the first two years? Is it frequently happens or almost like a winning lottery probability?
  • Do they ship to hotels in US? Obviously right now I have zero intention to leave my home let alone going across the border, but wondering if it almost worthwhile to buy while going on a trip to US (when things are back to normal).
Thanks in advance!
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Feb 18, 2018
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I've purchased from JS and it was a pretty straightforward experience. Unfortunately the Hamilton watch I purchased had a manufacturing defect and needed to be repaired. Instead of returning it to JS and dealing with customs, etc., they agreed to cover the cost of having the repair done locally.
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Dec 27, 2006
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Believe Jomashop has a two year in house warranty and that they are not an authorized seller of any of their watches. You can gleam some info from watch youtube channels, 'just one more watch' for example that sponsors his channel. Have no experience with them myself but I wouldn't be too worried with fake watches from them.
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Nov 9, 2020
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1. They sell genuine grey market items. May have serial # ground off. Federico Talks Watch explains the symbiotic existence between grey market and AD fairly well.
2. Aside from price, difference between them and physical AD is you can walk into AD and them the watch if there is problem within warranty period. With JS, you may be shipping it back to US for warranty service, which is always a pain. Others have pointed out that JS may refund cost to have it serviced locally.
3. If JS uses a courier service like UPS or FedEx or DHL then courier will clear it through Customs for you, pay whatever is needed, and then send you a bill or demand repayment upon pickup. Yea they will add on “admin fees” to do this for you. Got dinged $14 by FedEx when Brita US used FedEx to send me replacement water pitcher when I called Brita and complained.
4. I think it is hit or miss on getting a lemon…that said, it also depends what is broken, the brand, and who you want to repair it. Watches with in-house movements will be $$$$$, while those with common movements will cost less. Of course if you send it to the brand’s service centre then it will likely most more than independent shops.
5. I would be curious about this one too. Hoping someone can chime in.

What I do find is that sometimes local or Canadian jewelry stores have sales events that is comparable to JS, and you get full mfg warranty.
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May 11, 2009
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Jomashop is legit, but as with any watch ignore the ridiculous MSRP. Everything is always on "sale", do your research to make sure you are actually getting a good price.

Expect to pay tax/duty/brokerage if getting it shipped here, they will not undervalue like some ebay/overseas sellers.

Not sure about Hotels, best to ask them directly. Otherwise you could use one of those parcel pickup services.
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Sep 12, 2006
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The stuff there is legit. However, after factoring in the import taxes you will pay, it almost always makes more sense to buy locally from AD and get an actual warranty, not just their own Joma warranty.

Stuff can definitely go wrong in the first 2 years. Had to once overhaul a 1-year old Oris that was coincidentally bought on Jomashop, only watch I ever got there.

Regarding your maintenance questions, it would help if you indicate the brand/model you're interested in. Eta-based movements would be $3-400 to overhaul usually, and it goes up from there. Chronographs (7750, etc) would be $7-800, and in-house stuff may be more.
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Dec 26, 2008
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If you're actually going to pay the duties and not re-ship + underdeclare or pick it up cross border, then it's not worth it for a lot of pieces since you're losing the warranty. Exceptions would be for a brand like Frederique Constant, which has a crazy high MSRP at Birks in Canada, but is much more affordable on Joma .


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