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Week of 24/26th of December to 31st of December grocery round up (QUEBEC)

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  • Dec 24th, 2020 11:17 am
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Week of 24/26th of December to 31st of December grocery round up (QUEBEC)

December 31, 2020
Week of 24/26th of December to 31st of December grocery round up (QUEBEC)
Blue/blackberries 2/2.88$ (3/4.77$ @SUPER )
Mike's pizza 4.88$([email protected])
Saputo cheese 3.88$
Kellogg's misc cereal 1.88$
Pork tenderloin 2.88$/lb
Oasis juice .88$
Coke/pepsi 710ml 6pack 2.48$
Cucumbers 2/2.88$ (4/4.77$@SUPER C)
Avocadoes 5pack 2.88$
Mango .88$
Sweet potatoes .88$/lb (.97$/[email protected] C)
Bell peppers 4pack 3.88$ ([email protected])
Romaine hearts 3pack 2.88$
Oasis juice 40pack 9.98$

Blue/blackberries 3/4.77$ (2/[email protected], 2/[email protected] AND METRO)
Pineapple 1.77$ (2/[email protected])
Bell peppers 2.77$/lb
Celery/broc/cucum 4/4.77$ (2/2.88$ @MAXI)
Lean ground VEAL 2.77$/lb
Selection tuna cans 2/1.77$
Kraft PB 3.77$ ([email protected])
Chicken breasts 3.77$/lb
Strip loin steak 5.77$/lb
Sweet potatoes .97$/lb (.88$/[email protected])
Oasis premium juice 2.77$([email protected])
Clementines 5lb 3.97$ ([email protected])
Tomatoes 1.77$/lb
Sugar 2kg 1.77$

Beaurivage Maple sirup 4.74$
Kraft PB 3.77$ ([email protected] C)
Red/green/black grapes 1.99$/lb (1.44$/[email protected])
Pineapple large 2/6$ (1.77$@SUPER C, 3.99$@METRO )
Coaticook ice cream 3.77$
Celery 1.49$
Brocco/cauliflower 2/6$ (4/4.77$@SUPER C)
Boxed wine 10$ OFF
Wine buy 3 get 20$ OFF
Buy Maille pickles (5.79$), get Maille mayo FREE (4.99$ value)

Red/green grapes 1.44$/lb (1.99$/[email protected])
Bell peppers 4pack 2.99$
Cortland apples 4lb 2.79$
Beef cubes 4.99$/lb
Striploin roast 5.77$/lb

PROVIGO and WALMART may have skipped their flyer or will be available later on. I will stop reporting the 24pack Coke/Pepsi @ 7.49$ as they're too frequently at that price. I will also stop reporting last week's prices as the link to the previous week is available.
Merry Xmas to all.
SPECIAL REQUEST : If you find a "LIAM" Coke bottle, I'll buy it off you :).
Link to last week : week-17th-december-23-26th-december-gro ... #p33724268
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The Provigo and Walmart flyers are finally available.

The Farmer's Market Pecan pie at $6 at Provigo is a good deal.

Until December 27th, there's also 4,000 PC Optimum points worth $4 for the PC The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie which brings the price down from $9 to $5, pretty hot!
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