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Week of 2nd of July to 8th of July grocery round up (QUEBEC)

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  • Jul 2nd, 2020 11:42 am
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Week of 2nd of July to 8th of July grocery round up (QUEBEC)

July 8, 2020
Week of 2nd of July to 8th of July grocery round up (QUEBEC)


Chicken thighs with back .99$/lb
Aylmer tomato soup 3/1$
Coke/Pepsi 2l .95$ (SAME AS LAST [email protected])
Chocolate bars (Oh Henry Reese etc) 2/1$
Barilla pasta 1lb 1$ ([email protected])
Lay’s chips 2/3$ (2/[email protected])
Broccoli 2/3$ ([email protected], 2/[email protected])
Pineapple 2$ (SAME AS LAST WEEK)
Cucumbers 1$ (SAME AS LAST WEEK)
Potatoes 3lb 1$ (10lbs 3$@SUPER C)
Mushrooms 2/3$
Red or green grapes 2$/lb ([email protected] FOR 1.24$, [email protected] SUPER C)
Oasis juice 1$ ([email protected] C, IGA AND PROVIGO)
Diana bbq sauce 2$ (2/5$@SUPER C)
Apples 3lb 2$
Oasis premium juice 2$ (3$@SUPER C)

Celery 1$
Iceberg lettuce 1$
Kraft peanut butter 1kg 3.77$ ([email protected])
Mike’s large pizza 5$ ( WAS 4.67$ LAST [email protected])
Cracker Barrel cheese 4.97$
Strip loin steak 7.77$/lb
Oasis juice 1$ ([email protected], IGA NAD PROVIGO)
Raspberries 2/4$ (WAS 1.88$ LAST [email protected])
Mushrooms 3/5$ ([email protected] FOR 2/3$)
Red or green grapes 2$ ([email protected] FOR 1.24$, [email protected])
Potatoes 10lb 3$ (3lb [email protected])
Sweet potatoes 1$/lb ([email protected])
Green onions/shallots 3/2$
Romaine lettuce 1$

Ristorante pizza 2.97$
Red, green or black grapes 1.24$/lb (LOW OF SEASON, 2$@MAXI AND SUPER C)
Pork chops boneless 2.49$/lb
Heinz ketchup or miracle whip 2.97$ ([email protected])
Peaches 1.5L 2./5$
Strawberries QC 1L 2/5$ ([email protected] FOR 1.99$)
Rib steak 8.99$/lb
OASIS juice .99$ ([email protected] ,SUPERC AAD PROVIGO)

Scotties 6pack tissue 2.99$ Optimum required ([email protected])
Kellogg’s cereal 2$ Optimum required
Breyers ice cream 2.99$ (SAME AS LAST WEEK)
Lobster 7.77$/lb
Strawberries QC 1L 1.99$ (2/[email protected], [email protected]))
Coke/pepsi 24pack 7.49$
Chicken breasts boneless 3.99$/lb
Oasis juice 0.99$ ([email protected],SUPER C AND IGA)
Water melon 5.99$ (WAS 4.99$ LAST WEEK)

Raspberries 2/4$ ([email protected] C)
Sugar 1.44$ (LOW)
Sirloin roast or steak 5.99$/lb
Black diamond cheese 4.44$
Tropicana juice 2.99$

Schneider’s wieners/hot dogs 2.97$
Miracle whip 2.47$
Fruitopia or Nestea 1.75L 1$
Kraft BBQ sauce .47$ ([email protected] WEEK)
Great Value frozen veggies 500g 1.98$
Diana bbq sauce 2/4$ ([email protected])
Kraft salad dressing 2/4$

Pretty balanced this week but MAXI and SUPER C are always great places and METRO is back to their old ways which is bad prices all over the place unless you are looking to stock up on sugar.
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What an incredible thread! I hope you continue doing this in the future :)

About those strawberry prices, at 5am this morning I got an email from metro title "Quebec Strawberries at $1,99 Only!", with a link to an unavailable product on their webpage (image linked as screenshot.png)

You might be able to try your luck there also!
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Am more on the older side so I still prefer the old fashion weekly flyer.
Nonetheless I do recognize the effort the OP put in this.
I'd give it more than a +1 if I could.
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I was lucky to grab 2 bags of cherries at Maxi and price match it at 1.69$ lbs 2 days ago. It seem very hard to find cherries this year.