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Weiser/Kwikset smart lock locked position handle

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  • Mar 9th, 2022 4:37 pm
Feb 11, 2009
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Weiser/Kwikset smart lock locked position handle

May be a dumb question but all my life, a dead bolt locked position is horizontal or in line with the dead bolt.

With this new weiser touch lock I just got, it seems like the locked position is vertical. I was wondering if there is a way to install it differently but could not figure it out since the handle only fits in one way due to the triangle shape they have instead of a square.

My original dumb deadbolt lock is from weiser in 2018 and that one locks in a horizontal position so go figure...

Why in the world is this not standard...I thought it was..

Thank you
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Feb 26, 2016
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i was wondering a similar thing. I just moved into a new construction home and all the locks are locked when set in vertical position and unlocked when horizontal. Thinking about changing it but haven't researched on how.
Dec 11, 2013
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Nope. Weiser/Kwikset and Schlage are the main players and they do it differently. I just upended the family again by changing the front door back to Weiser after 5 years of Schlage, lol!
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Apr 26, 2003
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I just looked at mine and unfortunately, the lock handle has an unequal triangle that doesn't allow it to be switched. Never thought about it, but now you've probably put this annoyance into my mind!
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Jan 21, 2018
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Just turn your head sideways! :)

It's the little details like this that are so annoying. My Kwikset electronic deadbolt in antique brass works fine, but apparently nobody thought about the way the position of the interior knob is impossible to see at a glance in the dimly-lit entrance hallway when it's dark bronze against a dark bronze background. I had to paint a white line on it.


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