Western Medical Science vs. Guelph Biomedical Science?

Poll: Western Medical Science vs. Guelph Biomedical Science?

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Western Medical Science
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May 10, 2019
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Western Medical Science vs. Guelph Biomedical Science?


I am (yet another) high school student hoping to enter medical school and unable to make a decision for my pre-med program.

I was accepted into Western for Medical Sciences, Waterloo for Honours Sciences, McMaster for Life Sciences, and Guelph for Biomedical Sciences. I think I've brought it down to being between Guelph and Western.

I keep reading contradicting opinions on each program, so I'm not really sure which one I'm favouring at this point.

If you took either program as your undergrad, where are you now? What are your thoughts on the program? I know it doesn't matter which program I choose, it's only down to the GPA, but I just want to know what other people's experiences were like or what they've heard from other people!

Sorry, I know it must be a rarity to find a high schooler seeking advice on here and you're definitely not sick of it, but I thought it would be worth a shot, just to get some outside opinions.

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Jan 12, 2010
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Its not a rarity, there are many ambitious kids out there who had discovered the wonder of RFD forums whether its students of careers forums (mostly a wasteland these days) when they were young and advanced their schooling/ careers into management / became doctors/ lawyers / dentists etc.
Its nice to ask these questions early, but I think a pre-medical / med school forum is a much better place to ask these questions and get better answers.
If it was me knowing what other kids had gone thru who did get into med school, choose the easiest school - more time for you to volunteer, study for MCAT etc..., comes down to between Guelph and Western....yes, choose Western - better parties.
Its good you don't have UofT on your list, stay away from that school, but ofcourse apply to their med school when the times comes
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Jun 10, 2013
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You'll have better luck here, managed by a doctor who likely doesn't have time to put this in HTTPS:// lol

If you don't make med school it can be a world of hurt with generic science degrees. My ass was saved because I had Waterloo Coop (allowed me to pay off my degree as well). Salary went to 90k after 9 years of working starting from 60k - not the greatest but better than most kids with a sci degree. Most of them ended up having to do a masters before they could find a decent job. Of the people in my program (Waterloo health sci), everyone that was serious about getting into medicine got in except me.

My GPA was 3.7 and MCAT at 85%ile, not even an interview notice back in the day (even applied to Ottawa Francophone stream), 1 med journal publication, and research experience but no EC's other than that and the coop jobs in health analytics. Have a backup plan and try to keep above 3.9 - only needs an 85 at most schools. Tuck all the courses you know you'll be bad at in the summer as med/dental schools don't look at terms that aren't full course loads. Failing that, put all your trouble points earlier on as some schools will put less weight on your first year. Third and forth year are critical.

Getting under an 80 will be disastrous to your term as a 79 throws a 3.3 into your GPA average over 5 credits, it's very hard to recover from. A high GPA makes sure your application won't be thrown out immediately by an algorithm. MCAT doesn't matter as much so long as you make the minimum cut-offs - Western and Queens like the MCAT though and have more lax GPA reqs.

In the end, your school choice doesn't matter, but your GPA does. Waterloo has the extra benefit of coop that will start you off with 2 years of relevant work experience and lots of cash to pay off your degree. If money is no issue then just go to the easiest school but a science degree will not prepare you at all for the real world (comp-sci/engineering/stats/accounting are more likely to do so, though the first 2 will destroy your GPA (at Waterloo at least)).

STF Away from U of T, I've seen that make minced meat of pre-meds/life-sci'ers. MCAT you can push into the summers (even after graduation) so don't worry about it.

This is the best resource I found for MCATs when I studied for them - post may be dated but the forum is good for MCAT (it's American so use the first link for Canadian school info): ... le.623898/

Good luck!
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Jan 21, 2014
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I know it's already too late or OP may have tried but didn't get it, but the best bet for medical school is Mac Health Science. I think probably more than 70% of students in each class eventually got into med school. Some in 3rd year, majority in 4th year and then eventually, 5th, 6th, 7th year (after Master program, etc).
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Jan 12, 2010
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Failing all else, can go to those Caribbean Med Schools and claw back into Canada to work in remote northern locations (Territories, Northern Alberta / BC) for a few years, they are always short on doctors. Then move back into the cities?