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What can someone do with a photo of my license?

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Sep 6, 2002
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They have enough information to take a lease, credit card, cell phone or loan in your name. A lot of smaller leasing and credit companies are eager to lend with the right docs and a recent bill plus bill drivers license is typically what is asked for.

Did you give them your sin? If so then yes there is a lot they can do. They can scan the barcode but won’t have access to the database that mto has so that’s not an issue.

Best you can do is sign up for that credit monitoring.

If they have your banking info they could potential potentially sign up for recurring billing that’s pulled from your account. I would close that account post haste and open a new one either at the same bank or another bank.

I’m sorry to hear about this. The credit card monitoring should stop instant approvals and severely limit the damage so you should be ok.

Act quick as the scammers tend to do so. Keep an eye on your credit. Pay equifax and transunion for their premium services

I feel bad for you friend.
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Jun 24, 2015
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I too unknowingly applied to a fake job posting designed to steal my information. Thankfully I thought long and hard and did not continue with my application and the scammers only have limited info like my name and email and spam me., but yes i can see how it can get worse. they could get your address from your resume, your email address, your job history, a photo of your ontario drivers licence and they can cause identity fraud or open up things in your name, its not hard but please safe guard your self out there