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What console to buy to enjoy with toddlers ?

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  • May 5th, 2020 9:05 am
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Dec 6, 2008
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Milton, Ontario

What console to buy to enjoy with toddlers ?

Want to buy a console that I can enjoy with my family, mainly my 4 year old.
I remember back in the day Wii used to be popular, but I see it's no longer made.
The idea of kid friendly games, and holdin a cotroller with one hand and doing gestures was perfect for a kid.

I want to hook it up to my projector, as it would be perfect for playing with few family members at a time.
So is there a console that would work for us ?
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Jun 16, 2009
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Nintendo Switch probably. Lots of kid-friendly games, but it can be hard to find in some areas.
Another thought, my friend lets his son play PS3 games like Lego Batman, he is about the same age. The advantage to an older console is they can smack a controller around and you don't feel as bad about it. Come to think of it I did the same with mine, they started on PS2. But if you want new and can find it without overpaying Switch.
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Jul 13, 2009
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I just finished Lego star wars with the little one on Xbox but Switch has it too.

Working on the complete saga now, and looking forward to the next skywalker saga. Lego series Star Wars, Marvel and City are all tons of appropriate fun for a 4 year old. The levels are short enough to help limit screen time.

Mario Kart is great too.
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Dec 12, 2006
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Switch is by far the best but its also by far the most expensive. The console itself is still 380$ and the games are 80$ and rarely go on sale. But its the only way to play Mario, Animal Crossing, Splatoon etc, which are all the games my kids love.

Xbox is pretty good for kids stuff, you can grab the console for fairly cheap (sub 200$) and games like Mincraft, The Lego games, and Roblox are all available there. The real value is with gamepass which is kind of like netflix for gaming, you and the kids will have a ton of quality content to pick from for ~15$/month (or much cheaper if you can find a deal, like right now you can get 3months/1$).
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Sep 13, 2011
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Kinect 360 for young kids is perfect.
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Aug 20, 2009
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I feel like the Switch is the best bet and actually has a pretty diverse library that will "age" with your child for the next 5-7 years. It is also the king of co-op and family experiences. I would highly recommend one over the PS4 or Xbox even though its more expensive.
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Jan 1, 2013
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Switch is great. We got the family online and the 4 of us play things like Mario Kart and Mario Party online with other family members.
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Aug 15, 2003
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toyopl wrote: Want to buy a console that I can enjoy with my family, mainly my 4 year old.
At that age they will probably be perfectly happy to wave around a controller without any batteries inside.
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Sep 2, 2009
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+1 for the switch

I don't have to worry while playing games like Mario or Yoshi if they will hear or see something they should not (for the most part). Plus, I can ask what different pictures are or spell out word.