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What is the cost to replace a standard bedroom door (parts and labour)?

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Jun 17, 2017
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What is the cost to replace a standard bedroom door (parts and labour)?

including door, lock, door frame
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Dec 21, 2020
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For material costs jump on the Home Depot website and find the following:

1. Prehung interior door in the size and style you want.
2. A door handle
3. Casing (make sure to get enough for BOTH sides of the door, at least 5 pieces)
4. Caulking
5. Paint for the door frame and door.

For labour of someone installing assume at least as much as the cost of materials. Installing a door (assuming the rough opening is in good condition) is not hard. The finishing (painting) is what can take some time to do if you do multiple coats.
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Jun 26, 2019
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You could get a cheap, prehung door for $150, passage door knob of $15, cheap casing for 50 cents a foot so $20, and then pay a kijiji handyman $120 to throw it up and slap a coat of paint on it. So you're looking at $300 doing it as cheap as possible.

Alternatively, you could get a nice solid white oak door for $800, pay someone to finish it, get jambs installed with nice casing, route and drill everything onsite etc etc, and you're talking a lot more.

Basically, for a one off job like this, you're probably looking at cost of materials and then the cost for someone to show up, so maybe $200 or $250 for the door + jambs + hardware + casing? Also, the person you hire to install the door likely is not interested in doing the painting of the casing, etc, but it all depends on who your hire.

So really, the answer is 42!.... multiplied by $10, give or take.
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Jan 2, 2012
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What's the age of the house?
I've replaced doors in early 20th century homes that were a complete PITA. Out of square openings, out of plumb walls, floor joists that had shifted so the door sweep hit the floor: all kinds of fun.


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