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What is the default Bell SIM PIN please??

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  • Aug 3rd, 2010 12:52 am
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Mar 7, 2005
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What is the default Bell SIM PIN please??

Hi there all,

I am trying to set up the SIM lock on my new HTC Legend and it says I have 3 tries to enter the password. I already tried '0000' and blew an attempt, so if I screw up 2 more times apparently I need a special PUK unlock code because my phone will be screwed up and locked. I have never set a code on the SIM card before. Can anybody tell me what the default SIM PIN is on Bell??

Thanks in advance for any speedy responses!!
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Feb 20, 2006
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I would go to a Bell store or call Bell. If you provide them with the SIM number and your phone number, they should be able to tell you.

My friend's SIM got locked and he had to get a new SIM

Usually, the PIN is the last 4 numbers of your cell number, but, I might/probably am wrong, so don't take my word for truth
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