What do you guys think about this folio? MF

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Feb 19, 2012
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What do you guys think about this folio? MF

Hi there

What do you guys think about this folio? It's for a retire 65 yo. risk tolerance : moderate. looking for income for retirement life (monthly, quarterly or yearly).

This folio is was recommended by wealth management.

**Folio** 600K asset
Cash Liquid = 20%

CCM-8025 / CLIC Ojective 2030 IA CL = 10%
MFC-4406 / Mackenzie Balanced = 2.40%
MFC-4437 / Symmetry Balance = 20%

Total ; 32.40%

CCM-8025 / IA Clarington Target Click = 10%
MFC-4406 / Mackenzie Balanced = 5.60%
MFC-4421 / Mackenzie US Mid CAP = 6%
MFC-4423 / Mackenzie Glbl Growth = 6%
MFC-4427 / Symetry Balance = 17.60%

Total ; 45.20%

MFC-4427 / Symetry Balance = 2.40%

Total ; 2.40%

Any thought?

Is it worth to go with Coach potato himself ?
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Feb 16, 2013
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all these funds have MER more than 2.5%. if you have time do some research on ETF. There are lots of ETF with Low MER (<0.5).
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May 22, 2004
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Why not a couch potato with a higher bond allocation? You're giving away a lot of money in MER there.
Feb 16, 2013
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I dont know about mawer.. But BMO, ishares have low mer etf. If you are just looking for mutual funds then TD e series is good..
Dec 8, 2006
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Just to give you context, assuming that active funds can keep up with the index (which they have proven the opposite), a 1.7% reduction in MER will result in a portfolio that is 60% bigger in 30 years ( ... s-mers.htm). An overall MER of 2.4% is way too high. Why not just go with the Tangerine mutual funds, or just go with your bank's index mutual funds ( ... anks.htm)?
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May 19, 2015
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Mutual funds are a ripoff. And why buy so many? The purpose of a fund is to give you a small stake in a lot of companies. You even have more than one Balanced fund. As others have pointed out ETFs are just as effective and cost much, much less. Still, if you can manage it, you have enough of a portfolio to be purchasing stocks directly. If you don't feel you know enough about individual stocks I would suggest doing something like getting a membership at 5I research and buying the stocks in one of their model portfolios yourself. You can buy twenty or so companies for a cost of about $150 at most brokers, instead of paying yearly fees on everything you own.