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What is this fluid that came with tempered glass?

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Jan 21, 2017
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What is this fluid that came with tempered glass?

Maybe someone can help me here... bought these tempered glass for my Poco X3 NFC and the package includes a little pack of clear fluid with a little brush. There are no instructions and everything is written in Chinese.

What is this fluid pack for? Do I need to apply it to the surface of the glass first before applying the tempered glass or is the fluid to fix bubbles?

Also, there is no cutout for the front facing camera so I'm questioning if these protective glasses will interfere with the camera, especially if I have to apply the fluid first since it will flow over the camera lens.
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Jul 26, 2004
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Most tempered glass kits come with 1 wet wipe and 1 dry wipe, 1 micro fiber cloth piece, 1 sticky tape material to get dust off. You should post a picture of the accessories or a link to the product you bought. Or even post the chinese instructions, there should be a few chinese rfd'ers that can help out. If not, its google translate app time.

Only time I've seen a spray of some sort is for a ghost armor screen protector kit for my Iphone 4S back in the day, you can "wet" apply and squeeze out the liquid after you apply the screen protector.
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Dec 10, 2004
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Could be used to fill in gaps along the edges, in case the screen protector is not contoured properly to completely cover the phone screen. Removes the "halo edges".
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Jan 13, 2014
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Sounds like you bought a screen protector that uses LOCA (liquid Optically-Clear Adhesive. It probably came with a UV light as well as that's what is used to "cure" the adhesive.

Unfortunately there isn't really a simple method to apply these things and every version is different, but usually your phone would sit in a provided holder, you'd apply the liquid to the center of the screen then mount the protector on top.

(Look up any of the Whitestone Dome kits on YouTube to get an idea of what I mean).

Of course I can't say how accurate this is with the protector you bought
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Jun 27, 2004
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Bubbling usually isn't an issue witn tempered glass, since it's fairly stiff. There's no need for the water trick. I actually did use water the first time, and the water seeped into the glass protector and made it cloudy. Thought it was a defect.


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