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What is a good TD Aeroplan card offer (how many bonus points are hot?)?

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  • May 14th, 2021 3:20 pm
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Dec 24, 2018
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What is a good TD Aeroplan card offer (how many bonus points are hot?)?

I learned about product transfer, which might be better than cancelling my TD First Class Travel Infinite Visa Card. Don't see any value after the horrendous experience with the travel insurance underwrite (Global Allianz) and dealing with ExpediaForTD and AC sending me in circles.
Unfortunately, from YYZ AC is the only carrier doing some non-stop flight and I am bound to use AC again...

Therefore, when is a TD Aeroplan credit card really hot and not just luke warm? How many bonus points are considered hot?

Right now I see an offer which says 30K 20K: ... nite-card/
  • The first 10k are easy to understand, make your first purchase and you get it.
  • The second 10k are a bit more tricky; I need to spend 1,000 within 90 days. This is not the household card, but my own.
  • The third 10k are the most confusing; I already have an All-Inclusive package; will I still get those 10k points or is it just for net-new All-inclusive customers? Checked the fine print, doesn't apply for existing account holders.
Or would you suggest any other Visa Infinite card (has to be inifinite to waive the annual fee)?

And what is the deal with the buddy pass? I saw some other threads people trying to convert that pass to points. Is this a one time pass or once every year pass?

A few more questions about the TD Aeroplan Infinite:
  • First checked baggage free: Is there any limitation for direct flights or is this applicable to each leg of a flight with connection and for a whole round trip?
  • As of last year Global Excel Management Inc. and CanAm Insurance Services provide the travel insurance. Are they any good? Never heard of them.
  • What's the deal with Optional TD Auto Club Membership? Any good?
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Apr 16, 2015
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The buddy pass can be converted to 30K aeroplan points, for a total of 50k, which I believe is the best sign-up bonus there has ever been on this card. As you mentioned, there is a whole thread on this. It's no longer "trying to convert", but is actually a fairly quick, established process at this point. I did it - 5 minute phone call was all it took. However, the TD site says that you have to apply by May 30th to get this sign-up bonus.
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Sep 4, 2011
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CIBC is also offering the same promo with their aeroplan visa infinite.

the buddy pass is only 1 time. You also gotta use it within 1 year or convert it to 30k points.