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What kind of insurance do I need or can I use a contract?

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Mar 14, 2019
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What kind of insurance do I need or can I use a contract?

I am doing web development for a marketing agency in Australia and recently started working locally (BC) too. Now I realize I should probably get some liability insurance just in case. Mainly thinking for if the website goes offline etc.
Or could I just make a contact having the client sign that I am not liable?
If not, why not? and, any insurance companies recommended?
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Mar 23, 2008
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A contract won't cover you if you screw something up, like not following standard practices for web security or something. And by building something exposed to the public like a website, you're ripe for hackers and hooligans.

I used Easy Cover (www.easycover.ca) when I needed insurance for my latest contract (in the past, everything was under the vendor's companies). So far, so good, but all they've done is taken my money, which is the easy part of the insurance gig. They have been responsive when I needed to make changes, and refunded me quickly when I screwed something up and extended the wrong type of insurance. So that part is good too. But no claims against me yet (knock on wood), so haven't tested the part that you really need insurance for.



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