What to look for in a battery maintainer? Or recommendations?

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  • Dec 27th, 2019 9:36 pm
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Nov 1, 2017
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What to look for in a battery maintainer? Or recommendations?

I have a car that's in storage, that's a huge pain to jump start once it dies.

Rather than letting it die again, I'm thinking of getting a battery maintainer.

Any recommendations? Or things to look for?

If it can double as a car charger what would be nice, but it's not a requirement.
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Jan 27, 2006
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If a battery maintainer is all that is needed, then don't get the 3.5A model as the OP will be paying for functionality that they won't need - get the 0.75A model for $33 as once that battery has finished charging, the maintenance is all that is required. And since the OP isn't pressed for time in how long it will take to charge the battery in the first place, a lower current model will work just as well as the higher current model. The only advantage for the OP in the higher current model is that 'repair' mode which will apply an equalization charge to the battery and recover some of the lost capacity due to stratification and unbalanced cells.

Alternatively, CT has their housebrand compact charger on sale tomorrow for $38 for a 1.5A model which does the repair mode as well and has wiring that is built for cold weather.
Sep 7, 2007
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I've been using Battery Tender brand for a decade to store my Camaro and maintain the battery in my riding mower over the winter. Battery Tender Plus and Battery Tender Jr. The latter is often on sale at Canadian Tire for about $40. A year ago I wanted another one and bought a cheapie knockoff from Amazon for $25, but it didn't work as well as the BT Jr so I returned it. Nowadays there are many other brands of so-called battery maintainers at prices higher and lower that Battery Tender. You can search for reviews and comparisons, which will make your head spin. I learned the hard way to invest in one storing a car. $50 is a good investment compared to $200 for a battery.