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What is my current best option for a 40-50" TV at this point?

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Jul 7, 2014
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What is my current best option for a 40-50" TV at this point?

First off, I apologize for the redundancy, I know these threads tend to crop up a million-fold at this time of year, but to be honest, TVs are just completely nebulous to me. I've never purchased my own(just received hand-me-downs from family). I was set on purchasing a 60" Sony Smart TV last night from Costco, but my girlfriend just completely nixed it due to the size. In all honesty it likely is much too big, and will just overpower our living room.

So, right now, post Black Friday, what is my best option for a 50"(or less) TV, primarily for gaming, and I'll add that aesthetics do matter. Part of the draw with Sony was it's nice chrome base. Budget is $1400 or lower.
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Analogic wrote: I saw this in-store yesterday, and it is indeed beautiful, but unfortunately it's just too big. Really though, beautiful TV. Is the 50"($599 at Best Buy) worth it? Out of all the brands, I'm the least familiar with Vizio
Here's a good read, but its gonna take some time LOL ... -inch/best