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What should I do with Fido messing up my account?

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  • Dec 8th, 2022 9:53 pm
Aug 7, 2022
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What should I do with Fido messing up my account?

Thank you for taking a look.

I purchased a pixel 7 with a down-payment of 600$. I have monthly financed amount of 14$ and get a bill credit of 5$ bringing it down to 9$. I contacted Fido CC after seeing a promo going on Pixel 7 with a bill credit on 19$. They raised a price match request and update the account to show 19$ bill credit. In the back and forth with Fido, they messed up my account and my 600$ down-payment is suddenly gone. I contacted Fido back - CC -> Supervisor for 3 hours after which they understood my issue and updated the account to reflect a down-payment of 600$. Till now they were claiming that the amount never reached them. But now, the supervisor claims that they can't apply the 19$ bill credit only the 5$. I have asked for a callback from office of president. I have the instagram chat specifically stating that there is 600$ down-payment and 19$ bill credit bringing the phone price down to -5$. Can they refuse this after accepting it?
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Jan 21, 2014
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Why did you need to down payment $600? I thought offer was only $9.50/month for 24 months for Pixel 7. Heck, if you go to kijiji now, you can get the phone for less than $600 (brand new unopened phone) and no need to deal with Fido contract
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Let's review:

You "bought" a Pixel 7 and a wireless plan before Black Friday. At that time the Pixel 7 was almost at Fido's regular price and you made this $600 "downpayment":

Where did you buy the phone & make this payment? At a Fido store or kiosk; with Fido customer service by phone or chat; an online order on; or at a third party retailers like The Mobile Shop, WOW Mobile Botuque or Wireless Wave?

How did you make this payment? Credit, Debit, Cheque, Gift Card or Cash I hope it wasn't cash.

Did the payment appear on your original Service Agreement and Critical Information Summary?


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