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What size and what quick connection fittings do I need for my power wash?

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  • Oct 18th, 2020 9:01 pm
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Mar 23, 2015
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What size and what quick connection fittings do I need for my power wash?

My high-pressure hose on my power washer broke and I decided to get a new hose with some quick connection fittings.

This is my first time I am doing it and I was wondering if you can help me with identifying sizes that I need for quick connection fittings.

1) I need a quick connection fitting between garden hose and pressure washer. Please see pictures of measurements below. They are:

Pictures 1 and 2 - garden hose inside diameter
Pictures 3 and 4 - garden hose outside diameter
Picture 5 - Pressure Washer to Garden Hose Connector Inside Diameter (Pressure washer pump)

2) I need two quick connection fittings on both ends between pressure washer and spray gun. Those quick connection fittings are on both ends of high-pressure hose. Please see picture of measurements below:

Pictures 6 and 7 - Pressure Washer to Sprayer Gun Outside Diameter(Pressure washer pump)
Pictures 8 and 9 - Pressure Washer to Sprayer Gun Inside Diameter(High-Pressure hose)
Picture 10 - Diameter of inside type inside high-pressure hose, I am not sure if this is important
Picture 11 - Pressure Washer to Sprayer Gun Outside Diameter (Spray Gun)

I need a shut off valve at the end of garden hose and need your recommendation about size and type. I prefer quarter turn ball type.

Below is a picture of my pressure washer. Picture number 12

Can you also recommend quick connection fittings for each of three connection? Below is what I had in mind but please let me know if there is something else better than this. Pictures 13 and 14

I also want for my Mother to be able to quickly connect sprayer to garden hose to water her flowers.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

All the Best,

  • garden hose inside diameter(1).jpg
  • garden hose inside diameter(2).jpg
  • garden hose outside diameter(1).jpg
  • garden hose outside diameter(2).jpg
  • PrshWshrToGrdnHosConectrInsideDiamtr.jpg
  • PresureWasherToSprayerGunOutsideDiamtr(1).jpg
  • PresureWasherToSprayerGunOutsideDiamtr(2).jpg
  • PrshWsrToSprayGunInsideConnector(1).jpg
  • PrshWsrToSprayGunInsideConnector(2).jpg
  • PrshWsrToSprayGunInsideInsideConnector(1).jpg
  • PresureWasherToSprayerGunOutsideDiamtr.jpg
  • Presure Washer.jpg
  • Quick Connections Fittings(1).jpg
  • Quick Connections Fittings(2).jpg