what are some good android/media boxes?

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Jul 11, 2015
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what are some good android/media boxes?

I bought my dad a MXII android streaming box, a couple years ago for watching/streaming shows, from kodi, and other streaming services, but it finally crapped out on him, And now he wants a new one.

Does anyone have any suggestions/or guides on any good ones? also is there something better than Kodi now? if anyone has any great suggestions for that, i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!
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Jan 18, 2010
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Amazon Fire TV 4k stick if you don't need usb ports.

Otherwise Nvidia Shield
Aug 10, 2008
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I can agree with the NVIDIA Shield. In have the 2017 version. Probably overkill but it works well all the time. Runs Kodi well, decent storage.
My only real issue has been with the usb ports. Any usb storage makes things just slightly laggy. Also using the usb ports for an air mouse does the same thing. The remote occasional doesn't wake up for a little either but still fully worth it.

I'd like a secondary non Android TV box for kids apps that you can't get in the Android TV version of the play store though. If OP finds a good lower cost one I'd love to hear which!


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