What are these free audio channels through coaxial cable?

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What are these free audio channels through coaxial cable?

Hey guys,

I hooked up my coaxial cable to my TV here in Toronto, scanned for channels and it found a bunch of audio-only channels. I'm not paying for any cable TV, but previously had Rogers. These audio channels start at 98-1 and continue until 98-69 one by one. I'm trying to figure out what these channels are because I heard a song I liked, and just want to know what these are out of curiosity.
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Most likely they are the Stingray Music channels, which is free on most providers with a basic subscription. If you go to the Stingray site itself there is a process for free signup to listen over Internet:

https://webplayer.stingray.com/?utm_con ... 18d5ef0c61

As I already enjoy the site through my provider you may want to try to sign-up yourself. I really have no idea if all channels are available or just a select few.
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