What value does Btech degree hold

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Aug 19, 2014
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What value does Btech degree hold

I recently graduated from a 3-year engineering technology program at an Ontario college and I am looking to pursue a bachelors degree this fall. My initial plan was to enroll in a Bachelors of Engineering degree completion program, but I have learned it will take 3 years instead of 2 to complete. I have instead begun looking at Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree completion programs, as they can be completed in 1 year. I have done some research and contacted different people, but none have given me clear enough answers. If anyone could help me answer these questions that would be great

1. What value does a Btech degree hold in the workplace? I know it is not an engineering degree, but is it recognized by employers when going for technologist positions?

2. What is the difference between an advanced diploma in engineering technology vs a bachelors degree in engineering technology?

If I was a couple years younger I would have definitely pursued a B eng, but at this point I really would like to finish school and begin working