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What would be an appropriate price for a GTX 970 strix? Also please give some advice for my situation

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  • Dec 18th, 2020 8:29 pm
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Dec 3, 2010
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What would be an appropriate price for a GTX 970 strix? Also please give some advice for my situation

I have a small dilemma .
I was looking for a 1060 to buy since I needed one asap for this Monday. So on RFD I got no progress, and everyone on facebook marketplace/kijiji/CL were all asking for way too high prices for 3gb and 6gb and barely budged or didn't when I asked to lower it.

On another forum, I put out my prices that I'll pay 100 for 1060 3gb, 150 for 1060 6gb and 110 for rx 580

Anyways no one bit but one guy straight up said that his card is collecting dust and that he'll give me it for free and that he'd rather give it away for free to someone who needs it.
He was extremely accommodating saying I can either meet him at work or just at the subway station where he lives at any time, and I don't even need to cross the turnstiles. Despite the card being free, he cleaned off the dust, and even packaged it in a separate box.
All of this mind you, for free when on the same thread, others stated they'll pick it up and give some cash or that they'll pay for shipping. And yet I just took it for free without any compensation.

When I met him, I was quite thankful for him giving the card but I didn't give anything in return, and now I feel quite bad. I was too busy and it simply didn't come across to me that I should've done something for him.
I was initially thinking that after 2-3 months when I no longer need the card, that I should simply sell it and wiretransfer the money back to him as a surprise (hoping his account is still active)

Or should I simply transfer him the cash soon as possible of whatever amount I think I can likely sell the card for?
I just feel bad for taking it without handing anything back as a gift at the very least, especially when one poster said they'll pay a bit.
Never in my life had I ever had a stranger give me such an expensive item (let alone anything), it just doesn't feel right. I also have that card in my possession and after installing the drivers, it works completely fine
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Nov 9, 2008
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Pay it forward and give the card to another person who needs it for free, when you're done with it of course :)
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Nov 15, 2020
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Ask the guy what he wants. Cash or for you to carry the kindness over. I suspect the latter. Someone who turns down offers of money to donate it to you isnt a needy person. Plus the time of year too.


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