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What are your goto Aeroplan e shop alternatives to Amazon?

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  • May 5th, 2020 10:58 am
May 3, 2020
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What are your goto Aeroplan e shop alternatives to Amazon?

I used to do virtually all of my shopping at amazon, and all through the Aeroplane e-store. Racked up a ton of points, especially this year since I got enough to get a higher Aeroplan tier. Unfortunately, amazon pulled out of the program. The Aeroplane e-store itself may or may not survive, but while it's here, I'm trying to shift my shopping to places where I can get bonus points. Thought I'd list what I've got so far, and would love to hear what other sites people use regularly.

Note that I'm also including places where I get similar bonus points, period, if nothing was available through the e-shop. I have an Amex Platinum so this shows in a couple listings.

Sites I routinely use now
  • Books: Indigo. I find this basically as good as amazon for books. I haven't bought e-books yet, but I have a Kobo from Indigo, and you can get Aeroplan points if you use the Rakuten store too.
  • Household goods: I have an Amex platinum with the new double points deal, this currently gets 6x on food, including groceries. I'm doing Metro online orders with the pandemic, and am shifting more of my general goods purchases there as I'm able. Cleaning supplies, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. Metro also has a pretty good rewards program. I don't know of a shopping portal that gives points on Metro online orders, but if there is one let me know.
  • Supplements/Health: is pretty competitive to Amazon, though for Protein powders etc I still have to use Amazon for some.
  • Sunscreen/creams, etc: The specific kind of sunscreen I use is on Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora. Most anything that comes in a tube or jar and you put on yourself, you can get at one of these sites.
Stuff I haven't tried, but that should work

I'm especially interested in recommendations in these categories, as well as any other sites you find are good staples for general searches. The thing I like most about Amazon is you can just go there, search, and be pretty sure of finding something.
  1. Movies, Music: I rent the occasional movie on iTunes, and subscribe to Apple Music. Looks like if you use a computer, you can use the Aeroplan portal before a movie rental to get points. 5x currently. I don't think this works for App purchases on iPhone iPad. But if anyone has used it for those, let me know how, that would be worth a lot of points, as iTunes always seems to have a big multiplier.
  2. Computers: There's a bunch here, but I haven't tried most of them. Dell and the Source are big ones. Indigo has stuff like fitbits, google home, kobos. Microsoft is on the e-store if you have a subscription or computers. HP for ink. Apple, though not for new products. Note that Apple works with the refurbished store, so you can get great deals if you wait for a multiplier and get a refurbished model.
  3. General: Amazon has a lot of knickknacks not obviously available elsewhere. Aliexpress seems promising to replace some, but never used it. Not really sure how to replace most of my random purchases in a bonuses way, would love to hear suggestions.
  4. US Merchants/Hotels: Outside amazon, some stuff you can only get from US sites. For these, I'm going to be checking Rakuten to see if they have relationships, and also start booking hotels there, when the world opens up again.
  5. Flights: I'm pretty sure Amex Travel gives a bonus MR when you book flights there, so I'm going to try to do my flight bookings there with my Amex Platinum
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Hi @thegoose

See you are NEW to RFD ... so welcome.

Sounds like you are a big Amazon fan ... you are in good company, many fans here on RFD.

For the record, there is no definite decision that Amazon is out of Aeroplan for good
(You are not alone in making that statement / assumption ... others have made similar comments in the last 2 months)

What Amazon did say ... is due to Covid they are PAUSING their affiliation with Aeroplan
Due to the current extraordinary circumstances, as of March 26, 2020, is not available through the Aeroplan eStore until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Same announcement they’ve made with any & all the various Shopping Portals they are affiliated with (Rakuten - AirMiles etc)

Here’s what I said about it all on another thread on that subject
Amazon, has PAUSED all its affiliations with Shopping Portals since Covid kicked in in March. They don’t need any referrals being paid out ... when they are clobbering the market just fine going solo right now. This way they get to keep all the profits for themselves, in a time when they are making so many sales it’s like Black Friday / Christmas. Except now there’s virtually no other competition.
What it comes down quite frankly is GREED

Amazon wants the whole pie on every purchase in these Covid Days when little to nothing is available for Consumers thru regular channels (stores closed, websites down etc)

My advice ... REMEMBER THIS long term

When other means of shopping reopen.

In the meantime ... I am still using Aeroplan eStore for a variety of retailers (sadder to see go permanently than Amazon go temporarily ).

As you seem interested in points programs ... here is a list of some of my own faves, between them all I save a lot of money / earn backs annually (and played wisely ... many of them DO STACK with one another )

Rakuten - Costco Exec - Indigo Plum Rewards - Scene - Aeroplan - AirMiles - PC Optimum / PC Insiders - CAA Rewards - PetroCanada Points - CT Triangle Rewards - RBC Rewards - Macy’s Star Rewards - Kohl’s Cash Rewards - and pretty much every Hotel Chain Rewards Program that exists

Plus a Rewards Debit Card, a Travel Rewards Credit Card, and a Cash Back Credit Card.

Between all that ... I got pretty much anything & everything I want to spend money on covered at least once. Many multiple times with stacking.
May 3, 2020
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Thanks @pointshubby, nice list. I should probably sign up for air miles, they cover a lot. Which ones do you find stack the most? Unless you just mean basic stuff like using Aeroplan + Plum rewards + an RBC rewards bonus on chapters, for example.

I can think of one charitable reason for Amazon's decision: they're swamped with orders right now, and can't handle everything. Thus, they've decided to purposefully lower their order volume by directing referral site's traffic elsewhere. Makes sense to target this, as it's one of the few places with an on/off switch. And also their lowest margin orders.

However, they also cut their general affiliate referral rates at the same time, so I suspect they may be pulling back on everything.