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Where to buy hydrocortisone cream? NEED

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  • Jul 19th, 2015 9:34 pm
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wowdoge wrote: Everything can be dictated as an allergic reaction since itching or inflammation is usually caused by histamines, but from personal experience with eczema sometimes there are no 'known' contribution factors other than things such as dry air.
Eczema is a skin disease not just becuz of "dry air". If that's the case why dont 100% of peeps get it?? It has to do with reduction in moisture levels in the skin as you age or with genetics of certain individuals prone to getting dry skin. Sure, wintery dry cold air exacerbates it and triggers the symptoms than warm moist air as in the summer. Cold dry air lifts moisture from the skin whereas moist warm air doesnt. This explains why most peeps dont have eczema in the summer but during winter mos between nov-may time frame. Now if someone moved to a hotter more moist climate like san diego the likelihood of eczema decreases drastically. It's proven in clinical studies time and time again. It depends on the extent of your eczema. If you have a minor case OTC remedies such as vaseline, moisturizers, hand lotion, skin moisturizers, etc will help and solve the problem by keeping skin moist. If not then you need to get medicated atopic creams and gels via script thru a dermo. Simple google search will show images of different levels and types of eczema. Some if not treated early can cause open sores, blistering, and interfere with blood circulatory system and other organs.
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Just for the record, hydrocortisone 1% topical is now over the counter (schedule III), effective December 2014.


And if you want something slightly stronger for ezcema without prescription, you can get Spectro Ezcemacare Medicated Cream (Clobetasone butyrate 0.05%, behind the counter, Schedule II).


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