Where to buy a used car?

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Jan 15, 2019
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Where to buy a used car?

Hey everyone

Growing up, my father always insisted if you buy a used vehicle, get it from an authorized branded dealership.

I.e: if you want a used civic, buy it from a Honda dealer, not a Toyota dealer and certainly not a no name lot.

I’m not sure how much weight that holds these days.

I’m in the market for an F150, waiting to see what happens on pricing once the ‘22 launches, but I’m also considering used.

Are places like “The car club” and “car loft” reputable ?
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I would only buy from a Ford dealer in your situation. Definitely do not buy it from a used car dealer. They usually get cars that manufacturer dealers don't want. Of course, there are exceptions but that's the general rule of thumb.
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Sep 25, 2018
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He's certainly right. However buying it from a different dealership isn't necessarily bad. Sometimes people trade in a Civic to buy a Toyota car, and the Toyota dealer would try to sell it themselves first before putting it up at auctions.

However buying it from a brand dealer doesn't mean it will be worry free. You still should have a third party mechanic inspecting it before you buy.
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Maybe try a local f150 group on Facebook.
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Feb 19, 2017
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My understanding (as told by a family member working at a dealership) if a car isn't in good shape (age/kms/condition) a dealer won't even bother with the trade and just launch it at wholesale where the less scrupulous car dealers pick them up. Anything at a dealership has their name on it so they usually want it to not cause problems as word of mouth can lose sales, so you only sell the better product.
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If not from its branded dealership, I'd rather buy a used car from its current owner (obviously doing your due diligence) than a used car lot. Bonus negative points if its name includes "Fine Cars".
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Aug 29, 2011
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Manatus wrote: Bonus negative points if its name includes "Fine Cars".
Don’t forget “Best Bros”.
Nov 28, 2020
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New car dealers typically want to carry used cars with less than 50k and 3 years or younger. If you're looking for a vehicle outside of that, you re going to an independent.
May 27, 2017
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Make sure you test drive the car throughly

My sister got a used 2018 Corolla from Scarborough Toyota, she didn’t test drive it on the highway and trusted the dealership as it was sold Toyota certified.

She lives in Mississauga so on her drive home after picked up the car she noticed the front end shaking when coming to a stop from highway speeds.

She gave me a call, I drove the car and did a visual inspection & noticed the front brake rotors were completely wraped and the pads were super low.

I also found one of the brake lights was out, crazy because the safety was done by Scarborough Toyota.

I took the car back myself the next day & spoke with the service manager got new pads & rotors plus changed out the blown brake light bulb

They basically brushed me off like it was nothing & as a result I will never recommend them to anyone I know due to the poor safety inspection