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Where does your old tech generally go?

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Poll: Where does your old tech go?

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Collects dust
Recycle / Trash
Hand-me-down to another family member
Sell on used market / Trade into a vendor
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Feb 26, 2011
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Where does your old tech generally go?

Doesn't seem like the used Kijiji market contains a lot of variety when I'm looking for some older-gen / cheaper tech for my aging parents, so wondering what people do with their old tech. Discuss below.
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Apr 30, 2011
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Keep. Sometimes I consider selling them on the used market, and if family members need them I'll give them up, but I figure it's better for the environment to keep them in my home than in some junkyard out there if I can't find anyone nearby who needs them.
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Nov 1, 2004
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You should post WTB and then you should get some responses. As for me, I keep stuff to sell or hand down. If it's really old like AGP, IDE stuff, then to ewaste recycling bins.
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Aug 23, 2004
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I usually sell my old stuff at Kijiji, last time an ide DVD burner but it took about 2 months before it was sold at $5. I have a few others, like PCI Sata controller, PCI firewire controller and some older 10/100 pci network card, not sold yet after 6 months, they are going to Goodwill soon.
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Jul 26, 2004
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Usually keep old stuff till they're not worth anything.... :( But interestingly enough... my Classic Geforce 256 DDR I heard is actually worth more than $10?... from googling that is.
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Nov 27, 2005
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Richmond Hill
- Hand me down to friends or family
- Sell on Kijiji
- E-waste

In that order
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Aug 23, 2004
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Gee wrote: Goodwill no longer exists.
Maybe not in the GTA but it is here in London though.
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Jan 12, 2017
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Most of my friends want fairly new stuff, so 10+ years goes to 'Above All Electronics' in Toronto; as a donation to ensure that if I need some older component or advice, they will be at my service.
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Dec 29, 2008
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I still has my sony ps2 slim and a few old 100mbps routers. I've actually used the routers from time to time as dumb switches when in a pinch.

One day i'll plug in the ps2 or get a emulator to finish a few Games
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Mar 22, 2004
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Gee wrote: Goodwill no longer exists.
Salvation Army then, they take the same stuff.
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May 10, 2007
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I normally try to give to family and if there are no takers, I take my stuff to: They will also give you a charitable donation receipt for the value of your donation.

reBOOT Canada is a registered charity that refurbishes donated computer equipment to provide non-profits, charities, and individuals, with access to subsidized technology, software, and training.
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May 11, 2009
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Stockpile it in a corner of my basement. There was a time when I would sell off stuff on kijiji but now it seems a huge hassle and waste of time for the relatively small payout vs the time/effort of posting/responding/haggling/meeting buyers. Most of my stuff has been kept as spares/"this will come in handy!" but ends up becoming obsolete as I move on to better stuff.

Lots of regret for not selling some of these parts ASAP when they still had some decent residual value at the time, like Pentium D 950 and Q6600 chips, LGA775 motherboards, DDR1/DDR2 ram, an overheating Core 2 iMac. Other stuff like the 386, Pentium 1/2/3/4 machines I own still have nostalgic value to me, hope to show kids and others how computers used to work back in the day.
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Oct 28, 2004
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Depends on the tech:

1. Smartphones (mainly Iphones) - when my wife upgrades, it either goes to my in-laws or my parents. Their old smartphones I'll try to sell on Kijiji or RFD and if really old, goes into e-cycling at the local waste depot
2. PCs\laptops - goes to my parents and my sister. Though I last upgraded the entire households PCs a few years ago and seems to be lasting. I'll be upgrading my dad's laptop this year with an older T420s I have (upgraded IPS panel, SSD and 8GB of ram)
3. Everything else - depends on what it is, may try to sell on Kijijij or RFD if worth it. Or I give it away on RFD in the Free Stuff section. Anything that I can't give away gets recycled in e-cycling at local waste depot

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Sep 12, 2017
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LaSalle, Ontario
If it has any value I would sell on kijiji.

If its trash I take it to my local Best Buy and leave it on the Geek Squad reception desk and let them deal with it. Only fair as I have paid Environmental Handling Fees as required and charged for my purchases at Best Buy.
Feb 12, 2018
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I believe Electronic waste is reaching critical mass, releasing toxic chemicals into the environment. A projected increase in toxic trash—such as analog television sets expected to become obsolete by the end of 2009—has government agencies and environmental watchdogs pushing for recycling options. The EPA acknowledges that toxins in electronics are a problem, but says there's no need to panic–at least, not yet. "We all feel that it is not an environmental crisis," says Clare Lindsay, project director for the EPA Office of Solid Waste's extended product responsibility program. "
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Oct 9, 2010
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In Windsor, garbage sells for a lot, so I usually unload my stuff on Kijiji. Try to keep stuff I harvest from repairing people's PCs for family members. Recently re-purposed my X2-4800+ for the GF's brother; happy as a clam.
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