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Where to fish at a dock in Durham area

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  • Jul 3rd, 2020 11:25 am
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Where to fish at a dock in Durham area

Just like the title says. Where to fish at a dock in Durham and area? I am not looking to rent a boat or score big fish. Just trying to give fun experience to my kid. I prefer fishing place that allows you to fish from a dock.
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This is one of the more controversial topics to fisherppl...there are docks/marinas/parks etc that may seem "public" but there are private ppl/property owners who will post a sign saying NO FISHING even though they have no right to that land and have no jurisdication. Sometimes there are no signs and ppl will come up to you and say you can't fish here. Another example is ppl who are on the water....cottage owners will try and say to fisherppl they can't fish in front of their dock when they can.

Sad that a lot of public parks that "we" pay for we can fish from.

Fisherppl will get into arguments/fights etc with those ppl about whether they can/cannot fish etc.

Enjoy your day of fishing. I've fished in Frenchman's Bay Park

Suggest you scope out some areas and see if there are other fisherppl there before you take your kid with you....they don't like walking back and forth.

You were looking for a spot in Durham but you might consider going to the Toronto Islands and fish there...make it a day instead of just fishing. Kids can lose interest fast if they don't catch anything and a beach/water will give them someplace to cool down.
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