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where to snitch on restaurants?

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  • Nov 8th, 2004 1:30 pm
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Jan 22, 2003
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i hate smokers on the street puffing away, they dirty the air and make me sick.

having said that...I am not too thrilled about the smoking ban in restaurants, if a place has smoking I just don't go there, simple. But on the other hand it sucks for the people that work there, as they will die...probably quite quickly, like the commercial in the movie theatre about da old white chick who is gonna die and she jsut trying to make a living bla bla.

Smoking makes ppl a lot more sick than tomatoes, gasoline, electricity, pillows, t-shirts. It stays in the lungs and causes cancer and a host of other cannot compare it to other things. I am more upset about getting 2nd hand smoke than getting punched, cause when I ger bruised I heal back and there are no permanent effects, albeit the scar or two, so I don't really worry when I play sports. But smoking causes a lot of hidden damage, that may not show up till much later which is really hard to reverse.

If you smoke, ok, fine, I done it before, had a gf who was a chain smoker, but plz don't subject others to it, its like saying...oh i am subjecting myself to mustard gas or anthrax, so I can subject you to it too :mad: . (obviously I am exaggerating somewhat) :)
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Jul 15, 2003
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Degenerate wrote:if you don't like how they're doing business just don't go

leave them alone as they're running a business and trying to make a living. The smokeban is just ridiculous imo. Restaurants I don't mind the ban but not at bars/pubs.
ridiculous or not, it's the law dude..... I may find it ridiculous to stop at red lights.... Doesn't mean I'm gonna run every red I see.... The OP has an excellent point and I like the info in this thread...

If you think it's ridiculous, picket outside of city hall :)
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