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Whirlpool ice machine issues

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  • Jul 9th, 2020 8:59 pm
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Jan 25, 2007
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Whirlpool ice machine issues

I happened upon a used whirlpool ice machine years ago for $350 on Kijiji. These units are $1700+ brand new and I think the guy selling it to me thought he was putting one over on me as the ice cutter grid ($300) was cooked. $20 of wire and some ingenuity fixed it (I think this was before youtube was the go to).

Since then the recirc pump died, and I had to have it charged. My HVAC buddy who has since retired did it for me, and put on a 1/4” fitting. The system uses 6.5 ounces of r134a.

It died again last week at the beginning of an extended cottage stay. I called around to have it charged but getting a contractor in cottage country outside of Covid is hard, during I can’t even get my calls returned. The unit is like a 15” wide dishwasher for scale, and easy enough t remove and move.

When it last died, as I said my buddy refilled and put on a 1/4” fitting on the low side to fill it. I imported an automotive 134a recharge can, but of course the fitting size is not the same. The auto can seems to be for 1/2”. Any idea where to get a 1/4” female HVAC to 1/2” male automotive fitting?

Or any other ideas? My buddy remarked it was very easy when he did it back 7 years ago. There is no leak in this system, they are finicky and a bit of a pain in the arse but make great ice. Over time the tiny amount of charge they have disappears into seals or wherever. This is a known issue and with recharging the original 90s built units are still making ice. Mine is a 2001 Whirlpool gold.
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