Withdrawal from TDDI TFSA, fee and turnaround time?

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Withdrawal from TDDI TFSA, fee and turnaround time?

HI guys, wondering anybody knows about the fee structure and turnaround time in case you need to withdraw from your TDDI TFSA account, say transfer to your TD chequing account?
Tried to google but have a hard time finding the answer somehow.
Thanks a lot.
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Feb 4, 2015
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Wait for someone with TDDI and TD account that has done to respond however it should be simple as transfer from TDDI TFSA [funds have to be in cash CAD I think] to TD bank acct. Should be instant or at least a business day.

Would think any fees would be mentioned on screen while doing transaction. ... g/pricing/

TFSA withdrawals can be made online using WebBroker:

Click Transfer from the top right utility bar

Select the account to make your transfer from

Select an eligible account to transfer the money to

Enter the amount you wish to transfer

Review and confirm your transaction

TFSA withdrawals can be made at any time in the calendar year (subject to any withdrawal restrictions in the investments chosen).

Please note: Any amount withdrawn from a person's TFSA is added back to the person's TFSA contribution room in the next calendar year. Re-contribution to a TFSA of any withdrawn amount in the same calendar year on a tax-free basis can only be done if existing TFSA contribution room is available. There is no tax applied to TFSA withdrawals.
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Instant during business hours and no fees. Delayed until morning of next business day when done off business hours (sometimes cash would shows as "available" in chequing right away, but transaction posting is delayed; never tried touching that cash until seeing actual deposit on ledger.)
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Dec 28, 2007
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Yup, withdrawal of cash is instant during business hours. If you want to do an in-kind withdrawal of some securities, then it will likely take a business day or two to process, also with no fees.
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Oct 3, 2004
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Thanks for the replies guys.


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