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[Walmart] Black&Decker pivot cordless screwdriver - 14.98 (50% off)

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  • Jul 11th, 2015 9:44 am
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Sep 7, 2010
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[Walmart] Black&Decker pivot cordless screwdriver - 14.98 (50% off)


This can be twisted from a pistol like shape to a handle shape, and it has an LED light build in.

OOS online but plenty of stock in stores from what I see

180 rpm
40 in-lbs torque
Once there was a real deal in front of me I did not cherish. Not until it went OOS did I learn to regret. There's no greater sorrow. If heavens would grant me another chance I would buy buy buy. If I must put down a quantity, I hope it is 10000
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Feb 15, 2007
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I bought it from Amazon.ca at same price. good screwdriver. Only issue with me is that the charger doesn't have an indicator light to indicate charging complete.
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Apr 16, 2015
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Those who lack a certain 'tool finesse' won't like it.

The only reason I own this tool was due to its price. I believe the retail on it was incorrectly given. Then again, perhaps it wasn't. It's "adequate" enough for its intended purpose though it's almost a shame. It could have exceeded any user expectations if it had received more forethought.

Its flexibility. Having provisiion to alter its configuration, I found this feature both practical and convenient.

The alleged 24-position 'clutch' is mostly "show" and "no-go". Placement of the forward/reverse button switch is, simply stated, non-ideal as well as "hair-trigger sensitive". The latter quality I found to be most annoying! Motor rpm fell somwewhere between slow and lethargic, even on a full charge!

No separate trigger and awkward at best

I thought this would be a useful tool, until I opened the package and couldn't find the trigger. You have to keep your finger on the foward/reverse button located on the top of the driver to make it go. Unless you have a very large hand, it is impossible at worst, and awkward at best. I returned it the next day.


No reasonable way to use it.

Good for light duty home use

The battery life is good, but the 24-position clutch
is worthless.

The price was right for light duty projects.

The 24-position clutch.

It has been replaced with http://www.amazon.ca/Black-Decker-Li200 ... crewdriver that has a Lithium Ion Battery holds a charge for up to 18 months. ($27 Cdn)