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Work Shop build at the cabin - starting with the plans

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Nov 17, 2012
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Work Shop build at the cabin - starting with the plans

Threads like this seem to be appreciated by some, so why not.

I'm planning a work shop/office accessory building for up at the cottage. Likely about 12 x 20, so of course building permits are involved.

Thankfully the inspector seems to be OK with my DIY drawings.

Above the lower roof, the wall will be clad with polycarbonate clear panels set in aluminum channels to allow light in. If needed there will be diagonal bracing on the interior to make up for the sheathing not going to the top of the wall.

I'll level the ground in the space, toss some landscape cloth down and dump some gravel in I figure and use it for some basic storage, motorcycle parking and back the small tin boat/trailer in for the winter months.

I picked up some stupid big sliding glass door panels that are 5 x 9 foot in size. 6 of them in total for $200.

They're part of an old sliding door system I think that might have been used in a mall on a storefront or something, although one of them has a 'man door' built into it that doesn't lock. Regardless, I'm using 3 of them to face the lake, hence the massive window openings on that wall.

On one short wall I'll have a regular entry door and a rolling garage door for motorcycle access. I'll just put a temporary ramp up when I need to get a bike in and out. If I built a permanent ramp I'd need railings on it no more than 32" away at any point as it would raise more than the 15.7" I could find in the code.

I'm going to keep the floor at >24" above grade so I don't need any railings there (to the best of my knowledge) and I don't need railings on the steps (3 treads = no railings from what I can figure).

The 'north east west south' on the elevations is a little misleading. The 'north' elevation faces more or less perfectly North-West and gets a great sunset from April to November.

Between the tall front facing windows I plan to put some ventilation in, by screening in a section and putting a simple wood panel on the exterior that I can open/close from inside.

I may frame in an operating sliding window at the rear for cross ventilation and/or on the East elevation wall. It faces my neighbour's mess so I'm not rushing to put windows in that wall, plus I need some wall space for my tool chests etc. I might even frame in a bathroom in that corner for a composting toilet (off grid, can't slope to the already small septic system).

Any thoughts/suggestions/corrections to my rudimentary amateur framing diagrams are welcomed.

I'll evolve the plans, submit for permit and begin building in the early spring. The only thing I expect to contract out are the footings and possibly the planned metal roof.

The drawings are not to scale - probably far from it :). I just whipped them up in PowerPoint - my tool of choice for this kind of thing.

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