Working for municipality - insights?

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Oct 24, 2009
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Working for municipality - insights?

Hi all,

I received an offer as an internal auditor working at one of the municipalities within Ontario (full time). Can anyone provide some insight as to what working for a municipality is like? Is job security ok? Will I be working lots of OT or normal hours?

I have a CPA with regulatory compliance experience so internal audit is also something new to me as well. I took this job because it's something new to learn.
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Jul 12, 2008
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berrytree wrote: Like working for Government
If you are unionized, permanent and getting the usual pension and benefits then it’s just your typical government job.

Use Indeed and Glassdoor if you need more, municipalities won’t have as much action as the province or feds and they won’t have as much pressure when it comes to things like French or meeting security requirements.
Feb 20, 2017
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Barrie, ON
I'm assuming you're not in the union based on the job. Should not be much if any OT. Just normal hours and extra if required during any sort of rush, but should be compensated if you do run into OT.


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