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Worst short term experience with Motus bank

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  • Jan 2nd, 2020 12:28 pm
Feb 27, 2010
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Worst short term experience with Motus bank

I opened the Motus bank chequing and TFSA account before 4-5 months seeing their high-interest TFSA account and transfer my big chunk of saving there. I feel that any company is tested the best in how they handle the customer issue, and I felt that Motus customer service failed in a big way for me.
In December I got a notification two times for account is blocked in almost a few days of difference for no reason from my side. Every time I got, the first time I called them they told me you entered the wrong security answer so we blocked and didn't say specifically that it was out of country access. I didn't remember the first time so I just let it go and she unblocked the account. The second time it happened I called she said the same thing I was not happy with her vague answer I told her to check in detail she keep arguing with me for no reason after so many try she check further and told me that it was out of the country login try...they could have told me from their first instance so I could have at least changed the password. Anyway, I was kind of annoy because of happening but I don't know what she was annoyed about, rather than apologies and finish she kept arguing the wrong things with me. Anyway, I changed the password and it didn’t happen up to now. But because of the bad CS experience and their vulnerability of my unique 10-12 digit password I decide the move all the funds of TFSA and close the TFSA. I moved all funds to chequing before I closed TFSA but they never deposited my interest up to the date of closure. I waited until 31st. But didn’t got the interest so-called today, again without being apologetic she was arguing I must have got money when I transferred. After arguments for no reason, she said she is some advisor will check and come back to me, when? She doesn’t know???

Overall I have moved my 99% of the money from them but the hard time their customer advisor is giving for no reason is kind of horrible.
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I'm going to suggest language is a part of the problem, though no excuse for rudeness or being unhelpful.

Secondly, I would be checking the security of your usernames, security questions, passwords and devices thoroughly.

As to the interest, I don't know enough about the specific account terms and interest payment dates to comment.