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Would Black Friday Refrigerators be back ordered for a long time?

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  • Oct 18th, 2020 9:26 am
Sep 19, 2015
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Would Black Friday Refrigerators be back ordered for a long time?

A lot of the refrigerators I'm looking at now are very low on stock or back ordered severely. If there is even a sale on Black Friday, would they not put OOS items on sale? Looking at $1800-2000 French Doors probably GE.
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Dec 18, 2017
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I don't think there is really a big incentive for manufacturers to put items like that on any type of decent sale, other than maybe a modest, token type of promo this year in order to have their brand name in the flyers.
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Nov 21, 2013
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I now rub my crystal ball with my hands. Crystal ball, crystall ball, would the refrigerators OP looking atbe back ordered on next Black Fraiday?

Crystal ball answer's is: Man, how do would you want me to know

Sorry, OP, my crystal ball is out of order, and my crystal ball repairman closed his shop because of the last lockdown due to COVID and went out of business. Sorry, can't help you out
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Feb 7, 2017
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@DoorCrasher sadly has it about right...

Welcome to CRAZY COVID DAYS 2020

In normal times ... delivery on Appliances usually runs 3 to 6 weeks, as stores don’t carry stock, but order direct from the manufacturer.

Covid has wrecked havoc with delivery ... cuz America’s Rust Belt (the Midwest Manufacturing States) have been hit hard by Covid.

So... they’ve had lockdowns (like we did), followed by shutdowns (cuz of outbreaks / for sanitizing), manpower shortages due to illness, and having to put in physical distancing measures etc. Not to mention that a lot of electronic parts ... aren’t made in America ... but have to come in from overseas ... in particular from Asian countries. So with fewer planes flying, there’s been delays there as well, with parts having to come by ship.

Whole thing is a mess.

And many RFDers have reported they’ve been waiting MONTHS on appliances on back order.

Consequently ... will there be good Black Friday Sales this year on appliances ... who the heck knows. Might be strictly out of tradition, or maybe not. At any rate be prepared that if you do order anything that it might take a long long time to get to you.

Covid 2.0 ... the second wave, they say will be worse this winter than Covid 2019 that we went thru in the Spring ... complicated by Cold & Flu Season. So most of us now here in October are recognizing that ... and thinking that if deliverables were hard to get March thru June, things could be even worse November thru .... whenever. Truth is if Covid 2.0 is truly bad ... we may not see our way clear thru a lot of these socio economic issues until long after the snow melts.

Personally, I’d go into any big purchase now with my eyes open, and all that in mind.

Or ... I’d put off buying until the Spring ... which might be a better plan anyhow ... as NEW models of Fridges come out in May (Other Appliances it’s Fall ... but Fridges & ACs it’s Spring). So, March thru June is when stores / Manufacturers clear out last years models.

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