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Poll: Are Canadian cars overpriced

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I have no voice, Canadian Dealers/Manufacturers are taking advantage of the Canadian consumer
In most cases, new cars purchased in the US are almost always thousands cheaper
I owe no one a living, competition is good. Thank you NAFTA!
With the exchange rate factored in, Canadian prices are roughly the same
With the exchange rate and financing, Canadian prices are cheaper - Buy Canadian!

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Jan 2, 2007
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This will be my second Acura I've imported in the past 12 months. It's not for me but for a family friend. I know the numerous people who have voiced their disdain for Honda & Co for making their products inadmissible via the 'immobilizer' issue. Only 4 Honda products made the admissibility list (for now) -- Acura TL, TSX, RL and the Honda 2000. I'm not a fan of this 'immobilizer' issue ... this is a favour for someone who has helped me a lot along the way.

I will tell you that Acura has implemented the same policy as Honda -- new car sales CANNOT be done for Canadians any more. I have a US mailing address I can use so it will be first titled in Michigan, wait the 3 days for US Customs and then brought over to be plated in Ontario; a temporary Michigan plate (30 days) can be issued to ANYONE. Insurance agent in Ontario has been notified, and I was told that having a Michigan plate for the sake of taking it across the border will not be a problem. I will have to pay 6% Michigan sales tax, along with other minor administration fees. I will then have to pay RIV fee, 6% GST, 8% PST, A/C tax, gas tax. Also will pay to have DRLs to be retrofitted.

OK ... some are gonna ask me #s. Price for the car -- invoice + $715 destination (aka 'freight') + $500 profit for the dealer. Total before sales tax = $30,991+$715+$500 = US$32,206 + 6% MI sales tax = $34,138.36 + admin fees + temporary plate ... $34,300 (for argument's sake).

In Canada ... using as a starting point ... the base TL with a 5-speed auto, no navigation = $42,700+$1825 (freight) = $44,525. I bet I could possibly haggle down $3000 off the car if I tried really hard ... $41,525. That is a savings of C$7000, assuming parity with the US$. No 6.1% import duty since the TL is built in Marysville, OH.

So to those who hate on Honda ... I hear you. But $7000, my friend will take his chances and forego the Acura Canada warranty and drive around with a nice car, with a good rating from Consumer's Report. And I have driven the 3rd generation TL many times when I get my Acura serviced at a Canadian dealership. (2 Acuras in my driveway ... one from Canada, the other from the US)
Dec 24, 2002
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While this may have been mentioned before (didn't see it) does anyone have any "little known" way to get a great rate on a car loan other than the manufaturer (2007 Subaru Outback Limited from NJ). I can get P+1 or around 8% from my bank however that isn't fantastic. I have already paid for the car (using some of the 0% interest Citibank and 1% MBNA credit card money - thanks to the folks on that RFD thread :lol: ) so am not really interested in creative ways to get the low dealer financing US dealers might offer. I would rather use the money that I used for the car to pay down other debt if I could get a good rate to finance the car.

I know everyone has access to different financing options based on their relationship with their bank but I would be intersted in any options some of us may not have thought of.

Oct 31, 2007
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GougingCarCartelGroup wrote: ahh in other words the government wants us to grease up and take it up the waaaazooo. 6.1% duty on a car that was slapped duty already by the Americans. Free trade my ass.
I agree charging duty again is BS, but even with the duty the deals are still good.

Of course you can always buy a car built in North America and avoid it.
Nov 11, 2007
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apesma wrote: How did you handle insurance with Autopac? Thanks.
It was really pretty easy. Go to the MPIC web site and follow the following links: Insurance>Buying or Selling>Purchasing Outside MB = Temporary Registration Permits. As you will notice there are two choices, 1) buying your coverage before leaving home, or 2) arranging for coverage with MPIC from your US dealership by phone and fax. I wanted to have my insurance in hand before leaving Winnipeg so I chose method #1. Also you can buy extended coverage if you wish (lower deductible, increased liability). Not knowing how long it would take the RIV to send Form 2 I decided to buy 10 days of coverage. Only needed 7 days. One more thing, Autopac does not require a Certificate of Inspection for new vehicles (see Insurance>Insuring a Vehicle>Insuring a New Vehicle).

Hope this helps.
Sep 2, 2006
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Just wanted to say thank you to monsieurmaggot and everyone here thats contributing. I emailed Karl on Nov.11 and picked up today. The day started at 7 am and ended at 5 pm with my plates. :)
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Dec 27, 2006
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In our town they are trying to push this:
In a local newspaper:

The New deal for Canadians: 0.9% Financing

A Pilot LX 2WD for total cost $39,244

and a Ridgeline LX for $38,221

Wow , big deal.The more I read about the deals in Canada the more pissed off I get. I hope no one buys a Honda from Canada Honda dealers.
Oct 28, 2007
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Animeka wrote: I have a TERRIBLE problem. :twisted:

I'm looking into getting a subaru outback and I can't figure out a way to compare apples to apples. The canadian Touring version has automatic tiptronic and moonroof. The US llbean 2.5 looks like it but has GPS etc... I want to price the equivalent of the Touring, with no GPS/extras, to do a fair comparison.

Anyone who bought a Subaru, can you tell me what you got and how you compared?



I was wondering the same thing. Picked up a OB 2.5i 5Spd MT in US. I think the closest trim in CAN is Touring 5Spd MT except that it has moonroof and body-matched mirrors & door handles. I figured these are worth $1,000 xtra at most.

It is prob different for AT.
Nov 13, 2007
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jadeboy wrote: Well, I called RIV about a 2008 Lexus IS 350. They said it's admissible and that I only need a letter of recall from the dealer which state there is not any recall on this car. It doesn't not have to said that it's has an immoblizer.
Well... this is atleast what I have hear from 1 person.

It is nice to hear.................but better you check two three times to see if the info is consistent......i am getting the same reply to have compliance letter for Camry 2008..........If we beleive the EXPLANATION Para 9.......any after market Acceptable CMVSS 114 Immobilizer should work........but agents are refusing to accept even that, don't see any hope yet unless our Politicians help us out if they are sincere ONLY then and their loyality is with a common man and not with these big auto industry profit makers. Wish all of us Good Luck who are sailing in the same boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 20, 2007
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Great tread....lots of info.

Quick question, I'm planning on getting a Toyota FJ cruiser, 2007 model used b/c 2008 is inadmissible. It will be from a Toyota dealer. What do I have the dealer fax to the US customs? they won't have a title for it, right? they won't have a Manufacturer's Cert. or Origin either...

Any particular advantage in buying from PA vs NY?

Cheers, and thanks in advance.

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Apr 19, 2005
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baz5 wrote: $29 in advanced.
Put Montreal PQ in.
Actually $39/way. I mean after I set up the location and date/time, I can't check out to put in the Canadian credit card billing address.

Need below items in GTA:
- CT, HD, FS, BB, gas GCs

FS: Freedom Mobile credit
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Nov 2, 2003
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For those of you that missed it, Rick Mercer interviewed the founders of the ZENN (Zero Emissions No Noise) car built in Quebec Canada by Feel Good Cars.

It's a Canadian product sold all over world except Canada because Transport Canada will not approve it. However Transport Canada have finally said it's drivable in Canada but it's up to each province to certify it and only BC have certified it so far.

This is another typical Transport Canada move to wash their hands of real responsibility to Canadians.

Rick Mercer Link
Jul 26, 2007
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orion747 wrote: A few other people have had this issue, according to this forum post: ... ght=rattle

The forums are great for Tribeca owners, lots of great info there. BionicBadger is a regular there too.
Just got back from my trip to Halifax. I drove over some rough streets and no rattle. :) It appears as though the towel trick worked! A permanent fix (I believe) would be to get some plastic tubing to sleeve over the jack handle where it clips into its storage cavity. I'll do that to-morrow and let you all know how that works.
May 21, 2007
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Any one imported Nissan Altima, can you please tell me where did you buy it?
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Nov 7, 2007
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Gatineau, QC
1treehill wrote: Any one imported Nissan Altima, can you please tell me where did you buy it?
Nissan dealers seem to have no problem selling to Canadiens. I'm going through that process right now, started by sending emails to various large dealers around NYC.
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Sep 10, 2006
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"Please be advised that all 2008 SUV's, Minivans and Trucks listed as
INADMISSIBLE on the List of Admissible Vehicles from the United Stats
cannot be processed by this office, regardless of the date of purchase
or entry.

These files have been placed on hold by Transport Canada and as a result
we are unable to access them at this time."