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WWE 2K22 xbox one X --> xbox series X upgrade question

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  • Mar 12th, 2022 2:11 pm
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Sep 28, 2017
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WWE 2K22 xbox one X --> xbox series X upgrade question

for now until they fully transition to series X i've been buying just the xbox one version of games then doing the upgrade whether it does it for free or i have to pay the extra $10.

i figure this is the better way to go and gives me the option to play it on all my xbox systems i have at a few locations (upstairs, downstairs, campsite trailer) and not be held to just the series X.

but with this release i'm noticing microsoft have started to change the look of the label from where it would show xbox one/xbox series to just one or the other. so my question for anyone who would know for sure buying recent games, are the ones showing only xbox one still upgradeable ?

OR have they now gone to a pick one or the other and you no longer get the ability to upgrade to the new gen ?
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Aug 25, 2015
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it depends on the publisher. for WWE 2K series, there is no free upgrade (or no $10 upgrade path) so Microsoft won't be able to use smart delivery to give you the best version hence we have 2 version of the game. if you want next gen but still playing on the previous, you need the cross gen version. that's 2K for you, making you buy the full game twice if you didn't thought about it
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Dec 1, 2004
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MS doesn't charge for upgrading, it's other publishers that choose to. There is not one single MS published game that they charge for to upgrade, unlike Sony. Other publishers are on board as well, but not all. The new GTA V is another great example where they still want you to pay again. Oh wait, that's the same greedy company, as the previous poster has mentioned.