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Mar 29, 2011
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X99 Xeon Combo 8700k misc Computer parts

Hey guys back to work so computer play time is over. Wife wants me to clear out my extra stuff laying around.

Xeon 1660 v3 Cpu
Asus X99 Pro Usb 3.1 Wifi
16GB Kingston Hyper X 2100 Ram DDR4
Hyper 212 Evo RGB Black Cooler + extra fan

- Well maintained was used for a testing rig for a few Xeons I got my hands on. Great board and allows some good OC. Got this Xeon to 4ghz easy on only 1.25 volts. Can go higher with better cooling. She scored 3750 on Cinebench R20

Asking 350 obo. Will trade for a good Z370 motherboard and some good ram.

Athlon X4 651 3.0Ghz Quadcore FM1 CPU
Asus F1 A75-M Pro
8GB Corsair 1333 DDR 3 Ram
- my old htpc guts. Not a bad base for a cheap gaming machine. Its also overclockable.

Price SOLD

I7 4790 CPU at stock
ASUS H81M-E with crappy cooler
16GB Kingston Hyper X 1600 MHz 2x8GB
MSI HD 6450 1GB
Cougar Mid Tower Case with 2 Fans
Generic 300 Watt Psu

- Decent base for a good budget build. Got in trade. Wont bottleneck anything under a 1080ti. Non K version. Needs a better GPU and probably PSU.

Price SOLD

Also have a K version also got in trade. Solid chip. (sold)

I5 2500k @stock
Asus P8B75-V Motherboard
8GB G-Skill Ripjaws Series X 2133 DDR 3 Ram
CM Hyper 212 + 2 fans

- Another retired gaming machine. Kept in mint shape never oced. Have two of these identical builds I built for me and my GF at the time. Just swapped in some faster ram. I am keeping mine but this came out of hers so never abused like mine was. Excellent budget gaming machine.

Price SOLD

I5 2500k @stock
Asus P8Z68-V GEN3
16GB DDR 3 Ram
Evga 120mm Water cooler

This my version of the above machine. She has been my rig for years. I admit its seen 4.6 Ghz often and had run perfectly for me. It was time to retire it and i planned on holding on to it but really I have no use for it. The motherboard works fine but its old and over 8 years old. I would have to say as is for it. I will throw in some 16 GB Corsair ram. Evga cooler is also a pain as it sits off. Really just a free throw in. This chip is binned well. If you buy this remember its age. Its runs perfectly. I promise that. But for how long the mobo last isnt for sure.

Price 80

8700k CPU - Was in my gaming machine before upgrade. Hits 5Ghz pretty easy. Never had it above 4.6 since that was good enough to keep the voltage very low. Replaced by something better.

Price SOLD

Samsung 16 GB 2x8GB DDR 3 Ram - Came out of a prebuilt. Tested to work. Not sure of the rated speed. I believe its 1600 MHz. Nothing fancy but if you need some cheap sticks here you go.

Price 40 obo

Asus GTX 760 2GB - Came out of a pre built. Was running fine in tests but after an hour of minor gaming it freezes the computer. Might be overheating. As is.

Price 30

Mac book Pro 2012
Core i5
4GB Ram
New Bat
- Wifes old Macbook. She stopped charging one day. Got a new battery. Worked for a few days now wont turn on or charge. Could be the battery I guess. Maybe a easy fix. Maybe just parts. In decent shape. Comes with a pink rose cover.

Asking 100 obo. Make me an offer I will probably take it.

Pics available soon or just ask. My prices are very fair I feel but will take resonable offers or trades for a RTX 2080.

Located in Burlington. Prefer pickup but shipping is possible.
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- Id rather die living then live dying.
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Mar 29, 2011
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Need to sell fast guys. Also looking to get into the newest Ryzen so will trade
- Id rather die living then live dying.