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Xiaomi Phone Bands

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Xiaomi Phone Bands

Which Xiaomi (or the related Poco) phone models have the most bands built-in that are used in Canada?

I've tried a number of the other Chinese brands, but for various reasons think that Xiaomi tends to have the best overall package (price, performance, refinement etc). And I can't bear to pay the - what I think - overpriced major brand prices.

While majority of time I have the same reception as my wife's iPhone, I find that in somewhat 'fringe' areas, I findba weak/slow connection or no connection entirely vs the iPhone often still having a full connection.
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Sep 27, 2020
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I've been using the Poco M3 pro 5g phone. It has channel 12 and 17 in 4g, and n66 in 5g. Been using it with no problems on the Koodo (Telus) network. There is also a new version. The Poco M4 pro 5g.


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