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XPS 1330 overheated and dead

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  • Nov 6th, 2008 2:51 pm
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Oct 13, 2004
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XPS 1330 overheated and dead

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My out of warranty [rfdlink=55]Dell[/rfdlink] XPS M1330 (bought Aug07) with Nvidia 8400M GS video card is dead. About a week ago, my system would only boot up with vertical color strips.

Luickily (not really) I know that there had been a famous Nvidia overheat problem affecting not only [rfdlink=55]Dell[/rfdlink], but othere like HP and [rfdlink=106]Lenovo[/rfdlink]. And I found the most useful page I need (link above). I called [rfdlink=55]Dell[/rfdlink] and spent time to explain to the CS about the famous overheating issue. After a while CS came back and gave me case# and dispatch#.

So, I had reinstated my bomb. don't know when it will die again..... :cry:
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Dec 21, 2005
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Dont have the nvidia card, but my xps 1330 died last mth too :(

spent about 1hr on the phone with support; tried to do factory image restore -- didnt work!

So sent it in for repair; and dell sends it back the next wk saying nothing was replaced coz they couldnt find anything wrong?!?

Still wouldnt startup nor do factory image restore; so i did a full reinstallation from the vista disks

fingers crossed; working so far...