Yellowstone National park & West Coast Driving trip

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May 28, 2009
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budman67 wrote: Just came across this post. Glad you enjoyed the road trip. I can appreciate the smell of burning brakes . Mine were glowing as we made our way up and down the divide. Like yourselves, we have done a lot of road trips. This year we camped using a tent trailer and the money you save on rooms as well as the ability to stay right in the parks makes it worth while($15 to 20/night). You save a ton on food as well.

If you ever head back west make sure you check out Custer State Park in SD. A nice size park with bison, wild donkeys(they come right to your vehicle and will eat from your hand) and some great hikes. Wall Drugs is fun...touristy but fun

Enjoy the next trip
remember seeing Wall Drug or something similar along I90. maybe a bill board.

we visited the minuteman missile silo, the Airbase near Rapid city, sturgis (although there wasnt anything there as the stages were being setup for the rally in aug), mount Rushmore and the Rushmore cave. the temp was hovering around the late 30's.
spookie149 wrote: I have done the drive up to Whistler and the Yellowstone. The drive Vancouver->Whistler is much more breathtaking than Yellowstone. Into Yellowstone I did the Bear Tooth Pass (which is nice, but again not as nice as the Whistler drive) into the park via Red Lodge from Billings, Montana, saw Old Faithful (disappointing), exited via the east exit back to Billings. Overall kind of disappointed after hearing all the hype.

I think the drive from YNP to calgary is good if you happen to detour through Glacier national park. we went through it and took the going to the sun road
and it was a thrilling drive. takes you over the continental divide at Logans pass.

the drive to YNP from I90 where you take route 14A (this route is closed during winter and has a 8-10% grade with big warning signs to read before entering is another portion of the drive we liked.) this is also where the brakes heated up and we had to stop. No towing allowed on this portion of the road.