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Yet another thread.. buy/sell now or wait?

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Jul 23, 2007
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IceBlueShoes wrote: Oh I know I am, and I'm sure your husband knows it too, but thank you.

I'll admit I may not be the most assertive guy much of the time, but when it comes to big decisions I always think it through.
I refuse to cave into high pressure tactics, although I have come close to caving, but that's a whole other story. Thank goodness I'm super stubborn. lol

Anyways, I guess the real question is will you listen to logical reason or not?

You yourself have mentioned that if you take the pricier property you'll have to go back to work sooner. Not only will you get paid less, you're also paying for childcare AND missing out on raising your kid. Missing out on watching your kid grow is priceless I'd say.

No one ever wishes they spent more time working when they're on their deathbed and we can't bring any of these material possessions with is us to the afterlife unless if you're a viking God.
Lol.. sounds like you and my husband are identical. Thank goodness his logical nature always brings me back down to earth. I’ve thought hard about it, and thanks to you and others’ contributions on here, I think I should stay put and wait and see. I have a beautiful home now, there’s no need to be greedy. And yes, my baby and husband are my world. Should save money and enjoy doing life with them, regardless of the physical space we’re in.

Thanks for your insight, internet stranger :)


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