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York Region High school application inquiry

Dec 13, 2016
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York Region High school application inquiry

I hope to get more information from those of you who have experience with the IB program in Maple High or Alexander Mackezie High School.
And also, Is it possible to apply to a school which is not the one assigned to your address?
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Dec 27, 2013
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The experience of students in the IB program varies greatly. I've had students tell me that they felt the program to be exactly what they were looking for and the challenges associated with the program really prepared them for the post-secondary pathway that they chose. Other students chose to leave the program, finding that the demands of the program made it impossible for them to also participate in extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities and athletics, and felt that the opportunity cost was greater than what they got out of the program. The IB program itself is a Grade 11 and 12 program. Students accepted to pre-IB in Grade 9 can see how it goes for them and decide if they want to continue with the program. I will say that, anecdotally, the demands of the pre-IB Grade 9 and 10 program are quite a bit lower than the actual program in Grades 11 and 12. My school feeds into Bayview Secondary School and I've had students attend IB at BSS and Alex Mac. My advice to parents is to always consider exactly what they hope to get out of the program and what their child is giving up by entering the program, and whether that trade-off is worth it for that specific student.

With respect to transferring to another high school, it depends on enrolment numbers. The transfer deadline is typically somewhere in early February. The Board will publish a list of schools that are not open to transfers. You can read more about it here: ... -transfers


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