Shopping Discussion 40GB PS3 for $197 (US, I'm assuming)

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Jul 7, 2010
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I have called Zwee several times. Just to check them out and see if I would receive a returned call. Nothing.... Before I would invest or buy anything from any unknown, I would check them out.
They have a file with the Better Business Bureau. They have a rating of C-.
This is because of lack of info on their biz. They have been sent forms from the BBB, to explain about their business. They failed to do this. They are shown to be in business from May 2010 by the BBB. There domain registration shows the domain was created in 1998. There address and phone number are the same as their website in Bradenton Florida. This is legit. They have a Houston Texas phone number as well. This is the first number you see. Both numbers give you the same line of garbage of too many calls and not enough agents. They do not put you on hold, but refer you to their web site.
They are probably sending customers to other deals. I was not able to get into Pay Pal with their advertised product. Received a failure notice. You can go into other deals, but not theirs. They say to have your credit card ready when you go into these deals. Implying that these deals are real. They probably are receiving a commission from other companies. Site Advisor shows
that they are linked to several other sites such as
Other then that. McAfee does not rate them a dangerous site. WOL though does have some concerns with this site.
Legit businesses have some form of true customer service, and do not mislead you the customer.

I would use caution on using this service. I have seen similar products with better and safer deals on other sites. Shop around and compare.


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